To Catholic Ecclesiastical Authorities.  May 2009

In the light of the cultural and scientific advances of the last fifty years, the tenets of Judaism's motherless patriarchal monotheism have long passed their usefulness. So too, the reality of the same sex (homosexual) all male sire-son "Abba" deity of Pauline Christianity is fast becoming academically untenable and unacceptable.

The enclosed booklet asserts the primacy of Aseity, the Mother Self of the Cosmos. The continuity of all selflife existence for evolved higher animals has been solely the function and responsibility of the female placental mammal who, as scientists generally agree, is the goal of biological evolution on Mother Earth.

It is logical to infer that the human female placental mammal is begotten as the spaced time image and likeness of the Mother Self of the Cosmos. It is also logical to contemplate the analogy between physical and psychical conception and gestation. In its earliest physical development, all human becoming passes through an unconscious transitive stage of life in the mother's womb. Relatively few humans ever become reflexively aware of their psychical development in the womb of the selflife consciousness of Aseity Herself.

Sooner or later, the Masters in Christendom will have to concede that the historical Jesus, the Nazarene Reformer, had the genes of his parents who must have consummated their marital union. They will also have to concede that this author's thesis of Existential Self-Other Relativity as enunciated in his restructured foundations of Mathematical Logic takes the mystery out of the Trinity.

Finally they must come to terms with the situation of John 19/39. The writer obtained his Diploma of Pharmacy in 1943. He has studied and handled myrrh and aloes. Myrrh and aloes are not spices. They are resinous exudations of plants. They were never part of Jewish burial ritual which consisted solely in washing the corpse and anointing it with oil and then wrapping it in a shroud. Myrrh and aloes in combination were among the most powerful antiseptic and healing agents known at the time. Every week, as a Pharmacy apprentice, this writer would dust the bottles in the Dispensary. Among the latter was a bottle labelled Tinct. Myrrh. Co. [Compound Tincture of Myrrh and Aloes]. In those days, its use was limited to painting on sore or ulcerated gums and as an ingredient of mouth washes and gargles for ulcerated throats.

The only purpose of such an extraordinary quantity, a hundred pounds weight, in the circumstances of John 19/39 would have been to restore and resuscitate the live mutilated comatose body of a drugged crucified man. Pilate marvelled that he was already dead when the Nazarenes, Nicodemus and Joseph, asked for the body of their Master.

Christianity is becoming divided. Most Christians who still care about their traditional Religion remain loyal to the old ideas and ways of thinking. They are not disposed to abandon the former fundamentals of their Faith. On the other hand, many persons of goodwill search for more knowledge of, and experience of, meaningful religion. In their quest for union with the divine, they now accept that in the planned evolution of human culture, we are outknowing our cherished myths and outgrowing our revered cults.

In 2002, vital restoration work on the now discolouring Shroud of Turin was authorized and carried out in secret by a team of Swiss textile historians and technicians. Their observations gave the lie to the dubious carbon dating. The seams, visibly evident on the cloth, had been stitched with a pattern and technique that was unknown in the Middle Ages. However they did match exactly similar cloth found at Masada near Jerusalem and which dated from the first century. There are a score or more of well-defined bloodstains on the Shroud. Dead bodies do not bleed.

If the Turin Shroud is authentic, the Mass has lost all its meaning. The Pauline Theology of the Messianic Christ-Redeemer and his vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind. becomes pious make believe. The Resurrection becomes once more what the original Aramaic word intended, namely Resuscitation.

Our Lady of Lourdes and Fatima has not abandoned us in a wilderness. The Mother Self of the Cosmos is inviting all her otherselves back to her womb to be reborn into a neocatholic Psychical Incorporation, Aseity Inc.

The writer would like to think that the Queen of the South Press [website:] is relevant to Matthew 12/42 and Luke 11/3 1.

With prayerful solicitude, Peter Lock

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